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Universal Analytics is sunsetting by 1 July, 2023. Migrate to GA4 now to enjoy the new features it has to offer!

What is the difference between Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics?

Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics - Universal


Model based on events and parameters – more details on user engagement


Based on sessions and pageviews

Event Tracking

Automated and flexible (more insights on user behavior)

Event Tracking



Accurately track cross-platform data between your site and app (seamless integration)


Limited cross-device and cross-platform reporting


Applies advanced machine learning for more intelligent insights



BigQuery Integration

GA4 connects natively with BigQuery (easily export data for more sophisticated analysis)

BigQuery Integration

Connection to BigQuery is not Free

Spam Referrals

Spam data prevention is automatically enforced

Spam Referrals

Spam data prevention is not automatically enabled. Spam bots easily send fake page views or traffic to your site, skewing your data.

Why set up Google Analytics 4 NOW?

Start collecting your data on GA4 now

Implement GA4 alongside your current UA so there's no disruption in the attribution and optimization of your current ad campaigns

Start early to familiarize your team with GA4

Start exploring GA4's features as UA will no longer be updated with new features

Gain more insights now with GA4's enhanced tracking measurements

How can we help?




Assess your Website and Google Analytics

Propose a checklist of actions to implement

Implement and test the tracking setup

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